We Fly for Free*

*no really

We are not talking about commercial drone operation. We are talking about inviting us to your land or business to fly and we will give you all of our footage. We don't want money, in fact we can't take it - it is illegal. We just like to fly, especially with interesting people, fast machines, and most importantly stimulating environments.

The "Flying with Bikes" experience has proven to be the single most enlightening and uplifting experience with our quads.  Moto-cross and Super-cross riders are the brother form another mother we always to find. Sharing a culture of risk taking, inherent safe operation, and gear head tendencies allow the freestyle and racing drones to share the course and create an amalgamation of epic footage, killer highlights, and cinematographic excellence.

It is the engineer speed junkie that spends 15 hours building a new drone, 50 flights tuning, and as much time as possible practicing to be able to perform in what can only be called a religious experience with technology. Ideally rider and pilot seek to capture nirvana, perfection, perfect happiness, and an unconditioned mind.  Thankfully we get the shot, sometimes planned, sometimes not, stunning nonethe less, take a look...

If you have a nice plot for us to squat start the email, send it through. Our team engineers live in the Tampa, Denver, and Manhattan regions. It is important to point out that we are probably not flying anything you are familiar with or in a manner you have ever experienced.

So get ready, this is the most fun we can possibly have™.