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B2P: Business To Pilot Program

The “Business-2-Pilot” program connects the commercial world with professional FPV pilots.

By providing opportunities to fly we publish online creating mentions, back-links, and cooperative social media opportunities using stunning imagery, captivating flight, and professional editing. We don't desire money, sponsorship, or seek to pecuniary return because a good fly spot is much more valuable!

With professional FPV pilots always looking for new, fun, and interesting places to fly. With a lot of anti-drone (and illegal) local regulations wasting our time and we seek partners like private landholders, commercial businesses, and work with various action sports such as moto- and super-cross riders on the track.

I am sure you have a lot of questions. It is best to contact us directly. Start by sending an email to

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Question: What do a Marine helicopter mechanic, software developer, and a professional in video production have in common?

Answer: They all design and fly the highest quality drones possible.

Rotor Garage is an engineering team first. Our early years flying off-the-shelf products came to a rapid halt. As builders we found mostly low quality stock and unacceptable engineering and consistency. The parade of shiny objects and ill-informed dogmatic hype of the dominant scene is still a huge turn off.

Wanting to avoid continued frustration we began designing and never, ever, looked back. Many of our units are engineered for a team pilot's desire in size, weight, flight style, and drive train. Since we started designing in 2014 we learned to iterate quickly, prototype perfection, build, tune, test, and then iterate again. All in a matter of days. Combine the CAD, mechanical, electrical, and aviation acumen with highly competent flying engineers and the result is a superior in every way.

Private Flight Club

The media made a bogeyman out of drones, and much of it is indeed well deserved. "Bad Actors" aka "The Phantom Menace" are a result of companies enabling out low-skill, dangerous, and ignorant pilots en masse. Compounding the all these issues is the FAA in a 10+ year slow-motion fail on trying to categorize, regulate, and educate the UAS (drone) to no avail.

The abundance of nonsense forces dedicated pilots to create flight clubs for support and acquisition of critical flying locations. Rotor Garage is always scouting and working to secure another legitimate private flying field.

If YOU are interested in joining Rotor Garage and exploring the idea of a private flying club reach out right now! We believe that private flying clubs and secured fields are the future of FPV in the United States.

Our flying club is an explicit exit on greater and highly toxic FPV scene. As a company we operate off the radar, minimize social media skipping the chorus of noisy foolishness instead preferring to fly.

A flight club is about in person friendships, doing what is right, and defending the right to fly. We know there are others who don’t drink the hype train flavored kool aide, feel most other pilots are too dangerous or ill informed to consider an associate, and feel alone out there. It is totally okay to not give a FUCK about racing, take immense pride in building and flying leveraging above average mechanical skills. Speak up, we want to talk to you!

Only you can make the righteous decision to escape the useless noise and echo chamber that is drone. Fuck vlogs, bullshit dreams of a hella sponsorship, inherent laziness, cheap scumbagery and choose to fly with the highest caliber people in the field. The choice is yours to be free.