Interim Status Updates

Shopify store has been taken down, we are selling exclusively on ebay now. It became all to clear that no one on the team wanted to spam Facebook groups for sales. In fact no one on the team wants to be on Facebook (etc) at all. In the past few years have lost a lot of faith in FPV noting ignorance and apathy on the rise, a deadly combination and bad for business.

Parts and beyond are for sale on ebay. We do runs on frames, if interested contact us for wholesale +10% invoicing on any/all frames as we get them cut. We stand firm on our belief that frames are easy to make but hard to master. The marketplace, as a result, is filled with cereal box quads where a bright package marketed to children is the norm. As is the case with cereal, the box is usually filled with garbage.

FPV regulatory Issues are on the rise and we have decided to withdraw from the front lines of FPV (video posting for example) as we anticipate a Federal crackdown on non-commercial FPV flight beginning in 2018. We hope this prediction is wrong and hope to be pleasantly surprised. The FAA has asserted that AMA550 is not valid and 107 or greater is required to fly FPV. Once settled law is on the books we see enforcement efforts picking off the "low hanging fruit".

Sponsorship requests are welcome. It has been our goal to expand the team with quality people. Right now we are still small, not for a lack of people but for a lack of quality. The underlying flight, engineering chops (electronic CAD, mechanical, etc), and a scientific mind with an empirical stance is most important in order to participate in our workflow.

Flying fields are important. We continue to work on opening private flying areas and fields. We do not support the AMA training and safety protocols for FPV and consider the operational guidelines unsafe, poorly constructed, and a product of ignorance. As such we have ceased efforts to open AMA fields in the US and instead pay for access to private land where we continue to fly in a manner that is safe and provides an example of NAS integration unparalleled by the AMA.

Team Values Best engineering, best flight, best safety.

Team Turnoffs Ignorance, fake experience, fanboi-ism, armchair science, reviews lacking technical acumen or fear of pissing off vendor, blind brand faith, failure to acknowledge and take action against bad players.

Open source is VERY important and we aim to open source all of our best (and usually finished) work. Frames are a joke to cut, cheap as shit - no really. We open source our designs as a testament to our understanding that most frames are a rip-off and nothing but hype. Unlike most pilots, we came to fly while most "pilots" are really sitting in chat rooms all day and spamming Facebook.

The Moonshot

High performance, high definition, high speed micro open-source freestyle drone. Contact us to place your order on our next run or download and cut yourself.

  • 151mtm, near pure X (l:w=1:1.05)
  • 3 inch props
  • 13xx and 14xx motor support
  • 3000-5000kv
  • 3s-4s @ 400-1000mah
  • Full HD
  • Accepts common VTX sizes
  • 3-5min flight under freestyle conditions
  • Standard flight controller (36x36mm)
  • Repairable
  • No compromises on parts
  • AIO ESC or arm mounted
  • 20-30mm stack height
  • top-mount or under-slung battery mount
  • 245-300g AUW sub-250 gram capable!
  • open-source

The End of 336?

The following is the unfortunate truth as put to the AMA direclty regarding industry interests looking to eliminate model aircraft as a hobby (reversal of 336).

AMA and this effort is doomed - time to be honest. Our company is heavily invested in FPV and drone and we are all too familiar with the scene, DAC, ARC, regs, 333/107/336 and all the other garbage from FAA. The AMA is an elderly and dying organization that has ushered in an era of irreversible apathy and ignorance while catering to an out-of-touch core user base we commonly call the "Diabetes Contingency". We know your numbers, the finances don't look good. The failures started over a decade ago, and time after time AMA has been a marginal friend or enemy of the drone/quad/FPV hobby. Over the past few years the AMA is no less than laughable in the efforts, organizational dysfunction, persistence in denying truth, and the pathetic nature of the movement trying to scramble to "save the hobby". Of the 15+ AMA fields we have been a member/guest I report every single field manager (NO EXCEPTION) has unleashed a litany of disgust against the AMA to us, usually unsolicited.

The drone/quad/FPV hobby will be fine without the AMA. Most pilots already operate 100% illegally all of the time. The AMA could totally go away and little would change. Laws could turn even more draconian and still all of us would fly. I hate to be the only one here being honest, but it is time for the AMA to end and have a period of intense illegal activity and a requisite cat+mouse game with the FAA for a few years before a new and better org and ruleset can emerge. I am 100% fine with totally illegal operation, it is only slightly worse than the current AMA guided reality.

As for NAS safety - the FAA needs to catch up. UTM will never work as it is part of an industry grab for funding. No one I know will never put a UTM on a bird and fly. I think the Las Vegas event CLEARLY PROVES that FPV can both see and avoid other air traffic. The real drone threat comes almost exclusively from mission based/app drones (DJI). After tens-of-thousands of flights via FPV we are confident that FPV poses almost zero threat to NAS when a few simple rules and set up stipulations are implemented. The "Phantom" type drones are causing all the true problems and NAS threat and it is time to be more honest about the skill, safety record, and undeniable unstoppable nature of the FPV community.

FPV is not interested in AMA beyond needing a card to "race legally". FPV generally operates how it wants and there is little that will change truths like this... So we will send a message to the useless official in DC, but there is waning faith in the political system on many levels. As such, time to go out and fly.


  • github: Somewhat active
  • instagram: Most active, especially stories.
  • youtube: VERY active, but all activity is team related and unlisted.
  • twitter: Not active, Twitter is dying.
  • aurvuz: Not active.
  • email: info@: Best way to contact us.
  • facebook: Not active, we try but would rather build or fly.
  • medium: Somewhat active, long form.