FPV Freestyle Experts


Here at Rotor Garage we are not very interesting people. Generally the top top concerns are flying FPV, design/cut/build the best UAS, and living a bullshit and drama free life of existential fully renewing zen. We are a team of engineers who fly FPV on our own open source frames, have a lot of fun, and may or may not be working on a device to grant precognition.

Frame: Fun Hog


The Fun Hog is a 2 or 2.5 inch [prop] HD Freestyle drone. Our goal was to create a shrink ray'd version of a 5" drone, the shrink ray is off limits but anyone can fly the frame. A highly versatile nubile with almost 900 possible build configurations for the frame. The Fun Hog supports all flight types such as freestyle, proximity, micro-cinematic, and even racing.

The Fun Hog is the first HD 2"/2.5" freestyle drone to support top mount battery.

  • Motor: 11xx Motors @ 5000-10000kv
  • Props: 20xx Tri-blade (2") 25xx Tri-blade (2.5")
  • Battery: 400-800mah 3s 25+ C-rating
  • AUW 150-190 grams
  • Open Source Design
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Addicted Engineers

Frame: Moonshot

Moonshot Frame

The Moonshot is a 3" box style freestyle frame built around 13xx and 14xx motors. Generally overpowered, the Moonshot is the root of all the fun. The compact design, simple layout, and ability to use 30mm and/or 20mm PCBs, M3 stand offs/hardware, and "normal sized" components dictates Moonshot is the ideal micro for 4-6" pilots. Recycling parts or a fresh build, everyone needs a compact slice of reliable small format Park Missile™®© FPV drone.

  • Motor: 13xx - 14xx Motors @ 3100-6000kv.
  • Props: 3030 Tri-blade or similar
  • Battery: 600-1000mah 3-4s 50+ C-rating (aggressive freestyle 75C+).
  • Camera: Every HD/FPV combo so far...
  • LR/High mw ready
  • AUW 200-325 grams
  • Open Source Design
  • Lean More
FPV Cinematography

We did not get into drones to flip a switch for "loiter” mode only to capture slow pans of rivers.  Nor did anyone here ever have a desire to plot a GPS course on an iPad and call that a flight.

Quite the opposite.

Our desired experience requires seeing the world through the eyes of a squirrel with a jet pack in a nut farm and a healthy cocaine habit.  Since the squirrel trans-morphing device does not exist, this is all we got.

Rotor Garage are professional pilots flying custom builds that get in the action, take the turns, jump in and out of a sequence from hundreds of feet to close up, and break a lot of the rules of traditional action filming.

Like others, we recreate the speeder bike chase scene on Endor over and over again #StarWars.  FPV can capture the true action of a chase, greater thrills flying through gaps, and intimacy though organic lines and human piloting (not plotted waypoints).

Welcome to the future of cinematography.  Welcome to FPV Cinematography. Let's talk!