BATTLOG is an application providing insight on battery condition, performance, and potential impending failure.

so...this is a demo!

The selections and graphs are for demonstration purposes only. The goal is to provide a reference point to how the graphing application will work in the beta release.

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BATTLOG was originally a parser (written in Python) that serviced a google doc (sheet/spreadsheet). Currently the work is being ported to a free web application (yes - mobile friendly). The parser formatted data for consumption by Morris.JS. The final application is in final development using Django.

BATTLOG is a BATTery charge LOG, congratz, you are now a rocket scientist. The app logs battery charging information to generate analytics on performance. By collecting various information the following selections of data and graphs are a product of Marc's personal collection of charging information, begun in early 2015.

Currently calculations and graphs:

Stretch Goals

Internal Resistance: A measure of the average per cell internal resistance in milli-ohm/mΩ. Lower resistance is better and allows energy to move both in and out of the battery in a more efficient manner. Higher resistance slows charging, generates more heat, and is related to decreased performance, low quality materials, and possible failure.

The IR graph shows the starting and ending IR average where average is total ID in mΩ/cell count (s). Radical differences in these values and other patterns in this data provide key insights in your battery use.

Average mah/minute shows both the charge rate (in 1/1000th amp/milliamp units) average for a charge. For example, a 1300mah battery charged for 60 minutes for 1200mah would show as 20 mah/min charge.

The other data point of charger amp is the rate your charger is providing the charge in amps. The rate of charge is equivalent to how much a faucet is opened when trying to fill a bucket with water. Per minute average mah is impacted by the charge rate and is important data when evaluating the performance of a battery,

*** A note about the above information: We are still studying how IR and charge rates impact battery performance. We are not chemists, but we are starting to get alot of data. From this data we are seeing patterns and increasing battery performance and expectations. If you have a correction for us or want to contribute positivly please send an email to battlog [at] rotorgarage [dot] com.

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