The Pursuit of Drone Mastery: Build, Fly, Advance.


Rotor Garage is an engineering team who design, fly, and advance freestyle and racing drone technology. Back in 2014 by a few flying buddies were getting tired of the burgeoning race scene and many of the characters. At the same time things got weird, really weird. Drones were becoming the next evil, the FAA was getting pretty dirty, the AMA executed some serious jerk moves, and arrests were being made at our field.

To add fuel to the fire, it seemed that junk product was becoming the norm and the hobby was slipping into a very bad place. All the while us few guys just wanted to fly solid birds. With mounting frustration it suddenly became all to obvious that we needed to take control of our destiny, reject the rising chicken-sucker attitude, and do the right thing.

The right thing turned out to be learning CAD to cut our own frames (and PBCs) to deliver the build experience we so desired. Soon we found our spots to fly and let our flight and design skills rise. Our retreat to private fields and off the beaten path premium spots began to reward us with exceptional flights and experiences.

Some years later we have added a few more members to the engineering team. We focus on the best designs, intense peer review on all work, a culture of safety, flying with accountability, and excellence in all our work. It turns out that the team shares one important concept: We have been waiting all our lives to fly these machines.

We are always busy and right now we are representing our work on social media. There is more to come, so stay tuned.


we fly for free*

* no, really.

We are not talking about commercial drone operation. We are talking about inviting us to your land or business to fly and we will give you all of our footage. We don't want money, in fact we can't take it - it is illegal. We just like to fly, especially with interesting people, fast machines, and most importantly stimulating environments.

Below is a short video highlight from our ongoing collaboration with motocross and supercross riders. The footage, challenge, and terrain is enlightening and so highlights our particular take on drone life. It is the engineer speed junkie that spends 15 hours building a new drone, 50 flights tuning, and as much time as possible practicing to be able to perform in what can only be called a religious experience with technology.

So if you have a nice plot for us to squat, please reach out! Currently we have a good representation in the north east, south east, and rocky mountain area. Remember, we are probably not flying anything you are familiar with or in a manner you have ever experienced. So get ready, this is the most fun we can possibly have.

Thanks for stopping by!